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With the recent announcement that Twitch is selling/sending their addon management over to Overwolf (Read More) it came to my attention that there’s a Github project for something called CurseBreaker.

CurseBreaker is a simple to use, command-line interface, addon management software. It supports projects on CurseForge, TukUI/ElvUI, and WeakAuras.

Let’s get right to it, simple details can be found on CurseBreaker’s Github page, but let’s jump into swapping over to it from any other management tool (Twitch/Manual). Make sure the CurseBreaker application is in the _retail_ folder in your WoW folder before you start it.

When you start the application you’ll be greeted with:

Welcome to CurseBreaker

If you’re swapping over to CurseBreaker for the first time, the first command you’ll want to run is import. This will query your addons folders and detect what you currently have installed.

Here’s a small sample of addons that it detected 100% issue free.

But, you’ll likely have some that it’s detected numerous addons that could be what you have installed. Those will look like:

So let’s do first steps and then we’ll handle the Possible matches. Now we’ll want to do an import install. This will reinstall all of the addons so CurseBreaker will be able to handle version control accurately. Don’t worry, it automatically makes a backup of your WTF folder so there’s no risk of configuration loss. If you’re really paranoid, make a copy of your Interface and WTF folders now.

This may take some time, but all it’s doing is going through each addon, downloading it, and installing it for you. You’re now done. Any time you want to check for updates/have them installed, just launch CurseBreaker and if you don’t do anything it’ll automatically start updating after 5 seconds.

Now for those pesky possible matches. Sometimes addons can have similar names, CurseBreaker would rather you confirm what you want than it assuming. Simply type install cf:addon-name and it’ll start to auto complete, use tab to select the appropriate one/s, and then hit enter and it’ll install that addon.

Do this for each mis-match and you’re done!

Typing help will give you this information

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